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Follow the WIND &n-; Embrace who You are meant to be
your vibrance, your mystery, your depth, your unfolding wholeness

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Welcome, Aloha, Come on in,
This is our life &n-; following the WIND as we embrace who we are meant to be, our vibrance, our depth, our mystery, our unfolding wholeness. As you read the following story, imagine that you&';re Yellow Bear (he won&';t mind). Explore this website, reading the other stories shared here. Each story will take you on a mini Yellow Bear Journey and prepare you for taking a Yellow Bear Journey in person with us. Yellow Bear Journeys let you experience how wonderful it is to follow the WIND!
As you follow the WIND, you&';ll find, listen to, and follow your own unique spiritual wisdom or insight. Along the way you&';ll discover your life, live your life, and express your life. We&';re here to help &n-; to help you follow the WIND, to rest, to play, to live, and to be your true self.
Dale, Terry, Yellow Bear, and the WIND

Yellow Bear was walking in the woods one day. He was deep in the woods where the trees are close to each other, so close there was hardly room to move between them. But Yellow Bear managed. Sometimes he would have to climb over branches, and sometimes he crawled under them. Walking in the deep woods was hard, but Yellow Bear was really enjoying it. Casual strolls, where the trees were not as close to each other, were nice; but walking this obstacle course was also fun. Yellow Bear was drawn in this direction, so he kept walking (and climbing, and crawling).
Suddenly, Yellow Bear popped out into an open meadow. This was the place he had been drawn to. A nice meadow full of wildflowers and singing birds. Yellow Bear was about to sit down and relax and enjoy this meadow, taking in all its majestic beauty; when the WIND came to play with him, flipping his ear forward. “Come, play with me.”, it said.
Yellow Bear knew the WIND. He knew how nice it was. The WIND brought smells to his nose of honey, berries, and other foods. The WIND told him where other animals were. The WIND could keep him warm, or cool him off. The WIND brought him music as it sang through the leaves of the trees. Yes, the WIND was nice. But, this was the first time the WIND had invited him to play.

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Yellow Bear loved to play, oh how he loved to play. The WIND had tagged him, so now Yellow Bear ran to tag the WIND. The WIND was elusive, and the first few times, Yellow Bear missed. Yellow Bear would chase the WIND, and just as he was about to tag it, the WIND would disappear. Then the WIND would appear someplace else and Yellow Bear would chase it again. And, again the WIND would disappear just as Yellow Bear was about to tag it. So, Yellow Bear listened for the WIND with his whole being. He listened until he could almost see the WIND.
Now he knew where the WIND was. So, he chased it again. Yellow Bear was about to tag the WIND, when Poof it disappeared. Yellow Bear was having a great time chasing the WIND. He could have had fun chasing the WIND all day long, even if he never tagged it. But, Yellow Bear wanted his turn to be chased by the WIND. So, now, Yellow Bear listened. He listened not only to where the WIND was, but to what the WIND was.
The WIND was nice. The WIND brought smells to his nose of honey, berries, and other foods. The WIND told him where other animals were. The WIND could keep him warm, or cool him off. The WIND brought him music as it sang through the leaves of the trees.
Besides being nice, Yellow Bear now heard the essence of the WIND &n-; that it was his friend. And, since the WIND was his friend, the WIND wanted to be tagged. The WIND wanted its turn to be chased by Yellow Bear. But, just as Yellow Bear would do his best to not be tagged, the WIND was doing its best not to be tagged.
So, Yellow Bear stopped being just a bear. He started following the WIND. He followed it not just by sight, sound, and smell, but with his entire being. He followed the WIND with his heart. As Yellow Bear followed the WIND with his heart, he was no longer confined to the ground. He could follow the WIND wherever it went &n-; up in the clouds, under the grass, through holes in trees. When the WIND disappeared, Yellow Bear disappeared. And, when it reappeared, Yellow Bear reappeared right beside it. And, Tag! the WIND was it!
Yellow Bear and the WIND played tag all day long. Sometimes they chased each other in the air; sometimes they chased each other on the ground. Sometimes they played by the WIND&';s rules and sometimes they played by Yellow Bear&';s. Sometimes they frolicked like the WIND. Sometimes they frolicked like bears. They played tag and had a great time!
At the end of the day, it was time for Yellow Bear to go home. Some other time, he knew, the WIND would come again, and they would play and have lots of fun! So, Yellow Bear embraced the WIND, and the WIND embraced Yellow Bear. Then they went their separate ways; but, they would always be friends.

And, from that day on, Yellow Bear was known as
Yellow Bear &n-; Wind Huggerer!

&...; in the Native American way you will be called Yellow Bear because you will go where the WIND blows you.
Wisdom spoken through Mike Stelzer to Dale Stubbart in 1988.

What does it mean to “go where the WIND blows”? And what in the world is a “Yellow Bear”?
More than 10 years after that Wisdom was spoken, I started searching for my life purpose. More than 10 years after that, I know who I am. My purpose is to Follow the WIND, and when I do, I am Yellow Bear.

Dale Stubbart &n-; Yellow Bear

Come, join us on a Yellow Bear Journey. Come, follow the WIND. Learn to find, listen to, and follow spiritual wisdom or insight.
It&';s easy enough to follow the WIND. The WIND is nice. It supplies all our needs. It wants to play and be our friend. It is easier to follow the WIND when we do it together. Along the way, you may find your life purpose and learn how to express it, but most importantly, you&';ll live it! And you&';ll be who you are called to be!

I will, I will follow the Way of Love
I will, I will follow the Way
Where there is no path on my Way of Love
I will, I will follow the WIND

Song by Terry Stubbart 2012

If you want to experience a Yellow Bear Journey and follow the WIND; if you want to embrace who you are meant to be, your vibrance, your depth, your mystery, your unfolding wholeness; we&';d love to take you on a Yellow Bear Journey with us! Some people take a Yellow Bear Journey to Follow the WIND. Others come to be healed by the WIND. Some, to hear the wisdom of the WIND. And others yet come just to be in the presence of the WIND.
However you are called to take a Yellow Bear Journey, email us at to arrange it. You may also call us at . If we don&';t answer, we&';re busy, out, or like most people, screening our calls; so please leave a message. Tell us who you are and how to contact you.
If you know somebody who needs to be hugged by the WIND, please refer them to us.
You may come to us (Olympia, WA) for a Yellow Bear Journey, we may come to you, or we can meet someplace else (perhaps Hawaii).
We appreciate your help in making all of our journeys fragrance-free.

Dale Stubbart &n-; Yellow Bear

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