Time passes. Yes, I still strive to live as though I were on the beach every day.  Time passes. And I realize how much I’m called to The Deep Path. This blog has moved there.

Yellow Bear Journeys

Become One with the WIND

Come, let’s take a walk on the beach. Bring some friends if you like.

Feel the WIND. Hear it talking to you. Receive its wisdom and bounty. Let all your worries slip away. Be refreshed. Know in your heart of hearts that the WIND is your Best Friend Forever.
As you continue walking with the WIND, experiencing this Forever Friendship, you’ll find yourself Falling Madly in Love with the WIND and with your life. Life no longer has to be a struggle, you just have to Fall in Love over and over and over again.
Falling in Love, head over heels, leads to a Life of Bliss – a Life in Paradise. And spending every day of your Life in Paradise ain’t half bad.
Best Friends Forever; Falling in Love; Living in Bliss …

Dance in Harmony with the WIND, following its lead, doing what it’s doing. And what is the WIND doing?
* Calling the Child in us to play and find its Best Friends Forever
* Finding the Romantic in us and letting it know it’s ok to Fall in Love
* Drawing the Poet in us into ever expanding circles of Bliss
* Teaching the Dreamer in us what the WIND is doing

Live. For me, this is life. That’s about all there is to it.
Everything else is just pudding on the cake.

Come, let’s take a walk on the beach