Advantages of Chip Seal

The county recently chip sealed my road into town. This is the process where they lay down some liquid asphalt and then drop something which looks to me like chipped gravel on top. Oh, we used to dread it! Get caught in that traffic and try to hold your nose until you got out of that mess. Our county must be using some new process which is not as smelly, because we couldn’t smell a thing. And somebody said that it’s supposed to help with ice and black ice. I can’t verify that.

We were driving our Nissan Leaf – Electric Car, and found that it became very enjoyable. It only took 8 more minutes to get to town. The scenery is very nice along that road. And the added benefit, our remaining miles didn’t go down very much. That was a very nice bonus. Driving slow and all that starting and stopping really come in handy when you’re driving an electric car.

On the other hand, since asphalt is made from petroleum, I’d prefer that the county would install Solar Roadways or Porous Cement also known as Pervious Concrete. Solar Roadways would take care of the ice, not need maintenance, generate power, and keep the deer off the roads. Pervious Concrete would let the water through and help with stormwater runoff.

Update: Another downside, is that when I next took out my Leaf, the brakes weren’t working properly. Turns out there were chips in the tire treads. And there were also chips stuck to my brake pads.

After the chip seal was done, the county came back and put on a top seal. More asphalt. Luckily, I live far enough off that road that I didn’t have to smell it for several days, only when I drove on it. And as sticky as it was, I used my old beater gas-powered car rather than my newer electric one.

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