80th Book Published


I just published my 80th book – Of Orchid and Dandelion

Of Orchid and Dandelion is the presequel to Of Violet and Brunettes. And you’re probably wondering what a presequel is. Well a prequel is a story which comes before another story and a sequel is a story which comes after another story. So a presequel is a story which comes both before and after another story.

In Of Violet and Brunettes, we learn about the Princess Violet and her twin sisters Brunettes. Brunettes want to each have a name, rather than having to share the same name. So the girls go on walks through their Dynasty hoping to find someone who can suggest separate names for Brunettes.

In that story, their mother Orchid returns. Of Orchid and Dandelion is a story of four young girls at the beginning of time who wander outside the field and can’t return. Two of those girls are Orchid and Dandelion. Now that Orchid has returned, she must find Dandelion and make her right everything that is wrong with the Dynasty. But first, there are stories to tell.

The School of Godology


The School of Godology – God 101 – another of my wacky books.

Letter of Introduction
Dear Student,
Welcome to The School of Godology. Whereas Theology Schools focus on religion, the School of Godology focuses on God.
This course – God 101 – is a course on What/Who God Is. This course discusses different aspects of God to give you a general idea of what/who God is.
God 101 is a Pass/Fail course. In order to pass, you must consider all of the information presented and present a paper discussing what/who God might be; ending with the conclusion that nobody really knows what/who God is. Any person (angels excluded) concluding that they know what/who God is, will fail.

For information on How To Be God, you will need to take God 201 for which God 101 is a pre-requisite.

Since Godology is a new area of study, those are all of the courses which The School of Godology has developed so far. In the future we hope to develop God 301 – How To Be More Than God; and God 401 – Restating Our Understanding of God

God 401 will, of course, be based on your new perspective of who/what God is, of being God, and of being more than God. Part of God 401 will include teaching God 101, provided that we have enough students for you to teach by then.

Also, since this field is so new, these courses won’t transfer to any other school, other than possibly for general credit. With that in mind, we want to say Thank you for taking this course. We thank you, and God thanks you – or at least we hope that God does.

In the future we hope to expand our course offerings and to persuade other schools to offer similar courses. But for now, we hope that you understand, as we do, that your education is much more important than what you will do with it.

The School of Godology

The Dancer IV

Jordan Sherrer just completed her narration of The Dancer IV. Thanks again Jordan!
She has also narrated The Dancer, The Dancer II, and The Dancer III for me.

In book IV, The Dancerette has grown up to become The Dancer. Her mother who has previously called The Dancer is now The Dancer Magnifique.

She was all alone, so she did what she always did – she danced. She danced for joy, she danced for strength, she danced for sorrow, she danced for weariness. She danced because she didn’t know what else to do. She was all alone. They had all left her. A few at a time, they had left her. Even her own parents had left her.

When a story starts out that way, you know you’d better grab a box of tissues before continuing. Taking several twists and turns, the story continues to get better and better. At the end though, you may still need some tissues for your tears of joy.

Grab ahold of your seat for another wild ride through the worlds of The Dancer. Then there’s one more book in that series, so be sure to read The Dancer V.

The Door Opener Society

The Door Opener Society
I saw a bird holding a door open with its feet. I followed it into my soul.
“Keep the door to your soul open at all times.” it sang.

Are you willing to open doors for others?
Are doors always open?
Do we just need to shut our eyes to see them?

Do doors need to be open?
Or can we just walk through them even when they’re closed?

Now that I know where the door to my soul is, am I willing to keep walking through it?

Door comes from a word meaning “Movable barrier”.
So move the barrier. It’s only in your way.

As we approach, the door will open before us
Just like on Star Trek.

Do Nothing, Be Held

Do nothing
Be held
Come out of your cocoon

Do nothing
Be held
Come out of your cocoon

Do nothing
Be held
Come out of your cocoon

Do nothing
Be held
Come out of your cocoon

Come out of your cocoon
And fly!

Rainbow Elixir

Rainbow Elixir
Sip a Rainbow through a straw
Slurp until your belly’s full
Such sweetness trickles down your throat
Trickles of reassurance and pride

Sip a Moonbeam from a cup
Sip it slowly, don’t tip it up
Moonbeams carry a message sweet
Let Moonbeams sweep you off your feet

Sip from Stars in heav’n above
Sip until your heart’s content
Sip until you want to drool
Starlight always keeps you cool

The pleasure’s there for you to sip
Elixir’s right at hand
Start to remember your childhood dreams
When once the world did dance

Redefining Success

There are a lot of posts and articles telling me why I’m not successful. There is no success in my life because I’m thinking the wrong thoughts. I am not successful because I stay in my comfort zone. I am not successful because I’m not rich and famous. I would be successful if I had more followers. I’m not successful because I can’t spell successful. Etc.

I think we short redefine success in terms of living. If you are alive, you’re successful! Congratulations everyone! The opposite of life is death. There are two basic ways in which we can die. 1) Our heart stops beating – lack of blood flow. 2) We stop breathing – lack of oxygen. If we want to keep on living, we should focus on heart/blood health and on respiratory health.

We can also be declared dead when we stop thinking. Though some of us don’t think for several moments every day – we just go into the nothing box. Others stop thinking and turn to playing games on their devices or to reading twitter and facebook and blogs like this one. So, we also need brain health.

There is also emotional death. This is often brought on be unresolved grieving or by being continuously told that having emotions is wrong. Emotional death is where your emotions are not alive. Vulcans are said to suppress their emotions. I prefer to think that they just process them efficiently. And we need emotional health.

I’m going to focus on being successful at living. Then I’ll worry about my financial and likable health. Those should be easier to attain if I’m happy that I’m alive.

Latest Audio Books


Betty Johnston just finished narrating The 1/2 Lot Project – A 5,000 Sq Ft Life for me. In this book, I start with 1/2 a city lot (5,000 sq ft). Then I proceed to see what kind of house I can build on it. The house has to be 1-story, large enough for the average US family (three people), and livable. In the end, we come to the conclusion that half a lot is really quite a lot.
While we came to that conclusion quite quickly, there really is a lot of information in this book. Most of it is about saving space in your living space.
I also include several inventions (conceptualizations really) about saving space.
If you want to save even more space, check out this article from USA Today about Tiny Houses in Hawaii.

Gareth Johnson just finished narrating The Wizard Without a Wand – Book 3 – Oscar Henry’s Summer. This third book in the Wizard Without a Wand Series is about Oscar Henry’s (the gentle giant) summer after his first year at Wizard School. During this summer, he grows another three feet and needs to leave home to find his own way in the world. He meets a couple of friendly Hobo’s and they have a wonderful adventure.

Michael Hope just finished narrating Generation Q. Generation Q tells about the split of the earth into parallel worlds in the year 2000. In the parallel world a generation of special children are born. These children, their parents and mentors must stay hidden from the rest of the world if they want to live. In this parallel world though, the desire for war fades to the point that there are no more wars. And finally it is safe for these children to show themselves. Once they do, they help to save the world. But that is not the big surprise at the end of the book. My wife said when she read this book, you are the only person I know who can write a novel in one page. There are several novels in this book.

Changes to Amazon Publishing Platform


This year Amazon changed it’s book publishing platform. Before the change CreateSpace published the paperbacks and KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) published the e-books. Recently KDP bought CreateSpace and made some changes to the way they publish paperbacks.

You may not have noticed. If you had any books on CreateSpace which were not very long, you got an email from them saying that you’d need to raise the price.

Since I have so many books self-published through Amazon, I definitely noticed!

Here’s a link to all of the changes. But I’ll go over the ones that you’ll want to pay attention to whether you published one book on CreateSpace or several. If you didn’t publish any books through CreateSpace this article doesn’t really apply to you and you can feel free to stop reading, unless you’d like my help self-publishing your book sometime in the future. (I have my hands full until next year.)

#1) You have to wait another month to get paid your royalties. Your only choice, if you don’t like this, is to self-publish your book somewhere that will pay you sooner than two months out.

#2) If your paperback is black and white and less than 100 pages (or color and less than 30 pages), you will need to increase the price slightly. Mine are mostly black and white. I raised the selling price on my shorter books from 5.55 to 5.67. A calculator is provided to help you figure out how much you’ll want to raise your price, but about a dime should do it.

#3) This one really ticked me off at first, but I think it will actually mean less work. Createspace had you optionally enter a bio. I worked long and hard on a bio template, then slightly modified that for each book. Well, the bio has gone away – bye-bye! Now your only opportunity to tell your readers who you are comes with Author Central. Author Central was there before, so if you were using it, all you need to do is make sure all of your books are listed and possibly update your bio there. The other option is to add an About the Author chapter inside each of your books at the end. I had not been doing that, so now I will need to. It’s really a good idea to do that. If somebody likes your book they might want to read more of them. It’s a good idea to let them know how to find your books – go to Amazon, select Books, and Google my name – Dale Stubbart. You may also be able to say a little bit about yourself on the cover of your book.

#4) Speaking of covers, CreateSpace had a really nice cover generator. That’s gone. Now you’re stuck with KDP’s cover generator which ain’t so nice. You can make it work or you can design and upload your own.

#5) This one may be really important. You’ll want to pay attention to this one as it may mean an increase in sales. Well, maybe not a big increase, but still. You should go through each of your paperbacks which were published on CreateSpace and check the distribution. More than likely you’ll find that you can select many more territories for selling your book.

The other changes might affect you, but I doubt it.

YES Americans ARE Buying Cars

Electric Car

GM Announced that they, like Ford, are discontinuing several of their cars. USA Today said it was because “Americans are abandoning passenger cars in favor of crossovers, SUVs and pickups” This quote comes from Ford and GM stating that Americans (meaning people living in the US) are no longer buying cars. Ford and GM are heading towards only making Trucks, SUVs (including Crossovers), and Vans. But just because people are saying that Americans are no longer buying cars, doesn’t make it true.
Ford will continue to make the Mustang for sale in the US. Last I heard, that’s a car.
GM currently makes the following cars. I’ve slashed through those that they are abandoning (at least for sale in the US Market): Chevy Bolt (All Electric), Chevy Cruze, Chevy Sonic, Chevy Spark, Chevy Volt, Buick Verano, Chevy Impala, Chevy Malibu, Buick Regal Sportback, Buick Regal Tourx, Buick LaCrosse (which is not a Crossover), Cadillac ATS, Cadillac CTS, Cadillac CT6, Cadillac XTS, Buick Cascada, Chevy Camaro, Chevy Corvette Stingray. So GM will continue to make several models of cars for sale in the US.

So, somebody must be buying cars in the US.

Autonxt lists the 25 best selling vehicles in America as of the end of June. Toyota Camry is at #7. Honda Civic #8. Toyota Corolla #9. That 3 in the top 10 – cars are still hot!  Honda Accord at #12. Nissan Altima at #15. Nissan Sentra at #17. Hyundai Elantra at #22. And Ford Fusion at #25. Even though Ford Fusion is at #25, Ford will no longer make it for the US Market.

So, it’s true that American’s are still buying cars. Ford Fusion sold 80,000 in six months this year. So, they’re buying a lot of cars. But it’s also sadly true that Americans are buying many more much less fuel-efficient Trucks and SUVs.

I’m also not sure that I would lump Crossovers with SUVs rather than cars. But that’s a whole ’nother topic.

GM will still make the Chevy Bolt (at least until they build an electric SUV), so that’s good.

And what about Tesla? According to Cleantechnica, in the first two quarters of this year, the Model S (Sedan) was the best selling large luxury car in the US. The Model X (SUV) was the best selling large luxury SUV. Slightly more Model X were sold than Model S. Even though the Model S was the best selling large luxury car, it was a far cry from being the best selling car.
Then came the Model 3 (a smaller car than the Model S with a smaller price tag). Sales went through the roof! Cleantechnica reports that in July and August, the Model 3 became the 5th best selling car in America. Not bad for a little electric car. 1st through 4th place go to Toyota Camry, Honda Civic, Honda Accord, and Toyota Corolla. This makes the Model 3 about the 10th best selling vehicle in America. Tesla is working on the Model Y which is a Crossover. And then they’ll make a pickup truck. However, all of Tesla’s vehicles are electric, so they’re all fuel efficient.

I don’t care what type of vehicles Americans are buying, so long as they’re buying fuel-efficient ones.

You can read more about Teslas and other Elecrtric Vehicles in my book Select Your Electric Car