Prince Pugawulamukapee


You like tongue twisters. Right?
Sally sells seashells by the seashore
Peter Piper packed a peck of pickling peppers
How much would could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

And then there’s Prince Pugawulamukapee

Prince Pugawulamukapee finds himself down under the lichen and under the moss in the wonderful land of Trusvariankoponomy. By his getup, he figures he’s royalty. When he sees King Kinliadoronopolo and Queen Quipakoopafilia, he realizes that he’s not the King. 

Of course everybody wants him to spend time with Princess Petanukulany. But it’s rather difficult since he doesn’t speak Trusvariankoponomian.

Prince Pugawulamukapee is now available in Paperback, E-book, and Audiobook. David Edes did a wonderful job, lending his Irish brogue to this tale. And you’re going to love how he birdsong’s the oo in Quipakoopafilia. A much better job than Prince P, to be sure.

The Scentful Skunk Classics

Scentful Skunk

Back when my niece and nephew were very young, my wife and I wrote them two longest word poems. Start them off right, I always say. These poems use very long words to tell the story of Scentful Skunk’s goof ups. Scentful always tries to take absurd shortcuts to get out of doing work. It always comes back to haunt him. He is joined by his friends Gregarious Goose and Brawny Bear.

The Scentful Skunk Classics are
Migrate, Hibernate, and Oops Too Late – About Preparing for Winter
Landscape, Xeriscape, and Transparent Tape – About Lawn Maintenance

When my niece was 12, I wrote her three more stories that she could appreciate and read to younger children.
A Deer Tail – Perfect for Halloween
Coldilocks and the Three Brrrs
The Snugly Snuckling

Buy The Scentful Skunk Classics to enjoy these five humorous stories with children of all ages.

Zuper Zed

Zuper Zed is the third book in the Zuper Zero series. Betty Johnston and her sister did wonderful narrations for the #audiobooks. These are full dialog children’s books, meaning there is only dialog and thus you are ensconced in this family’s life.

In Zuper Zero (the first book), We meet Zuper Zero, Electrion, Red, and Green. After they escape from those who are holding them captive, they decide to return to Earth from the land of the Elkens. Back on Earth, they start freeing other Superheroes. Derek thinks he has no super powers, but eventually he becomes Zuper Zero. As he likes to say, Everyone is a Superhero. That includes you! Zuper Zero and Red have married and have a son they call Little Zuper Zero.

In the second book, Red, Zuper Zero and his son who is now called Stop-N-Go! try to figure out Red’s past. They have found her diary. Can they figure it out before she returns home from shopping?

In the third book, Zuper Zed, Stop-N-Go wants a new name. He’s now old enough that his parents tease him about having a girlfriend – Raven. In this book you’ll find out Stop-N-Go!’s new superhero power. You’ll also find out Raven’s superhero power.

Will Raven get her own book? I have no idea. We’ll have to wait and see. If so, will she get any lines? If she tells me her story, I’ll write it.

Mystery Solved

Well maybe. I have a children’s series consisting of thee books: Of Violet and Brunettes; Of Orchid and Dandelion; and Of Violette and Aubergine. One of those books has started selling, but only one of the books. You’d think it would be the first book in the series, but it’s not – it’s the second book. The third book hasn’t sold because I haven’t published it yet; not to worry, it’s coming soon – hopefully next month. But why hasn’t the first book sold?

Perhaps the answer has nothing to do with the first book. Recently, I did a search for Of Orchid and Dandelion on Amazon. I found a similarly titled book by W Thomas Boyce M.D. Perhaps people were searching for his book The Orchid and the Dandelion – Why Some Children Struggle and How All Can Thrive – and found mine at a much lower price. Or perhaps I didn’t solve that mystery after all.

If you’ve purchased Of Orchid and Dandelion – A children’s book about princesses – you’ll want to purchase Of Violet and Brunettes to see what you missed out on. And remember, you can find all of my books on