Krennelin Berry


A shmaltzy Romance set in the far reaches of space. This is my 109th book.

Krennelin Berry could never reveal who she truly was. Yet, she was tempted to do so, for love.
That line alone from this story, should reveal to you what type of romance this is. If that doesn’t do it, read the first few lines of the first chapter. When he kissed her, she was a queen in her castle. Oh, was this ever nice. She could stay in this castle forever.

Or, you can read the last few lines of the story, if you want to spoil the ending. I’m not judging. You’re the one who’s reading the book. If you want to spoil the ending, that’s your business.

Yes, this is a schmaltzy romance. The shero, Krennelin Berry, can’t help that she has a crush on a Celeb named Tlotl Hsen. See, even her name lets you know the kind of story this is. It certainly informed me.
All I knew, in the beginning about this story, was its title. I also knew that the title was the main character’s name. It wasn’t too long until I knew the first few lines. And that confirmed where this story was going and how it was going to get there. Well, partially. This story also has it’s share of surprises.
Now you know just a little bit about Krennelin Berry. You should also know that she also goes by K.R. And she’s a Cadet aboard a Spaceship.
Tlotl Hsen, her crush, is a Celeb. He has his own secrets, which you’ll find out about soon enough.

Some terms in this story will be familiar to you, as it takes place in Earth’s future. Others, you’ll need to learn from the story itself, for the same reason. It takes place far enough into Earth’s future that some things have greatly changed.

If you don’t like shmaltzy romances, don’t worry. I have written several romances, each of them very different. You can find them all at

Also, just because this story is shmaltzy, doesn’t mean that the protagonist is weak. Krennelin Berry has several methods at her disposal to level the playing field, especially when it comes to relationships. And, she’s not hesitant to use them. Still, timing is everything.

Idea Tree – Book 107


In this postapocalyptic, earthwise, get-rich, elemental, romance, I’ve combined several genres. I’m categorizing this book as a Romance, even though the romantic parties don’t meet each other until 3/5 of the way through the book.

I wrote Idea Tree in bits and pieces with several breaks in between writing. Wow! was it ever hard to make sure that the story was woven together correctly.

It’s the year 2052, the great cataclysm has happened and now people are trying to restore the Earth. OK, so I’m a little optimistic as to how soon we’ll start putting things back together. But then again, perhaps I’m a little pessimistic about how soon that cataclysm has happened. On the third hand, some say that cataclysm is already happening.

On to happier notes: Three friends form Idea Tree to get rich while saving the Earth. Idea Tree will generate ideas that companies and philanthropists will pay them for. These ideas will save the Earth. But, these three friends can’t do it all, so they hire three Idea Generators.

A poor hispanic woman works many long hours and figures out how to start investing what little she can. Eventually she becomes a multi-billionaire (there’s that optimism again). And starts using her money and influence to save the Earth.

She’s hesitant to ask Idea Tree for help for some reason. Yet eventually, she has nowhere else to turn to save the Earth. Ian Mossiman is the Idea Generator who is assigned to help Ultresa Milan create the next idea which will really turn the corner in restoring the Earth to vitality.

And sparks fly – both metaphorically and litterally.

Exploring Lost Territory

When I was young, I liked to explore the woods. Got lost a few times, Yet, that didn’t stop my love of the woods. However, I still love the ocean better.

In my 104th book, Criseilish and Bileander live on the tropical island of Vascandola. At five, they become pretend boyfriend/girlfriend so that they can play together all the time. They spend most of their time on the beach or playing together in the village. But one day, when they’re 9, they explore a place in the woods, that Bileander calls Lost Territory.

The woods are dangerous and not many people go into the woods. But Bileander is adventurous. And Criseilish is willing to go along for the fun.

But then she can’t remember what happened that day. She’s sure Bileander is responsible for her forgetting, so she dumps him.

Theirs is the relationship everyone else envies. Can she ever trust him again?

Another Romance, not TMI.

Exploring Lost Territory


Graduation Day Ja Vu

It was Graduation Day – the worst day of his life. Jeter would have to dress up in his monkey suit of a graduation gown. Somebody would almost likely steal his graduation cap before he made it to the podium.

At least one bully was bound to not make his day. And no doubt some cheerleader would harass him.

The worst part of today, was that Jeter would relive it over and over again. But he didn’t know that yet.

Perhaps you missed your Graduation this year due to COVID or other circumstances. Perhaps it was a GOOD thing that you missed your Graduation. You might still be experiencing it!

The Dancer

The Dancer lives to Dance. That’s what she’s all about. For her, Dancing is the answer to life. But she’s fond of two guys and is torn trying to decide between both of them.

The Director has a surprise in store for her in the next dance. He won’t say what it is. All she knows is that she will be dancing with those two guys.

She spins from one to the other and back again, faster and faster each time. At a certain point in the dance, the surprise is supposed to happen. She’s almost there when her super-fast spinning burns a hole in the dance floor and she falls into another world.

And that’s when the story gets weird.

Join the Dancer and all of her friends in this 5-part series. Available as paperbacks and e-books. Now also available as a audio books. Wonderfully narrated by Jordan Scherer.

My Trendiest Books


Which of my books are trending the most? Wouldn’t that be My Trendingest Books? In other words, which of my books are getting the most attention?

A few months ago, I started working with various marketing opportunities to promote my books. Dr Rissy’s, is one of those marketing firms. I’m liking the attention their posts are bringing to my books. The books which are trending the most on their social media posts are The Wizard Without a Wand, Gill McGillicutty, and Ribo Quadrilobe in The Healer is Judged.

The Wizard Without a Wand

The Wizard without a Wand (WoW), is about a student at Wizard School, Shmedley Thrumbledack by name. Soon, I hope he’ll be as famous as that other student a different Wizard School. Shmedley’s parents are very powerful Wizards. But that doesn’t mean they’re rich. In fact, even though Shmedley has a “full scholarship”, it’s all they can do to send him to school on the Wizard School Bus. They can’t afford the Train. And they definitely can’t afford to buy him a wand. You’ll have to read my book to find out how he survives without a wand. In fact, you’ll want to read the entire series of 10 books. I’ll give you one hint, Shmedley is not on his own. Books one through four have been wonderfully narrated and are also available as audio books.

Gill McGillicutty

Shmedley does have a little romance in his life, but Gill McGillicutty is a real PG romance. Gill, appears from some hidden, distant, unknown native tribe, looking for the answer to his vision quest. The answer is the love of his life and a way to save his tribe named Sylvia. She is a college student who has decided that her life will be different from what her parents have in mind. Trust me, her life will be different than anything Sylvia has in mind once Gill floats into town. Did I mention that there was a flood that day?

Ribo Quadrilobe

Ribo Quadrilobe is the robot’s robot. He’s certain that every robot should be purely robot, just like himself. Ribo has been assigned to investigate Hannah Harvester for practicing spiritual healing as a doctor – a definite violation of Separate of Church and State. However, as an R5 (top of the line) robot, whether he finds Hannah to be innocent or guilty, the judge will not overrule him. As an R5, he is also the sole investigator on the case. Will Ribo find Hannah guilty or innocent? More importantly, will they fall in love? What will happen when Ribo’s world falls apart? The answer to that and other questions are found in this PG reverse mystery book.

You can find all 80+ of my books on my website – Oh yeah, I got really creative with that website name.

Dale Stubbart