Size Images for Twitter Post

Adding an image to your twitter post greatly increases the chance that somebody will look at it. So, you add an image, but it’s the wrong size and somebody’s head gets cut off. So you delete the image from your post and post it anyway.

You google for the correct size, but you can’t figure out what people are trying to tell you. It took me a while to decipher what they were saying. The answer is, you’re picture needs to 1.9 times as wide as it is high. In other words, almost twice as wide as it is high. This has changed because they needed to be square at one time – or so I was told.

Solution: Open your image in your image editor, change the image size. Turn off preserve aspect ratio or whatever it’s called in your editor. Then make the width 2inches and the height 1 inch; or some other 2 to 1 ratio. Save as new file. Then use that new file in your twitter post.