The Dancer IV

Jordan Sherrer just completed her narration of The Dancer IV. Thanks again Jordan!
She has also narrated The Dancer, The Dancer II, and The Dancer III for me.

In book IV, The Dancerette has grown up to become The Dancer. Her mother who has previously called The Dancer is now The Dancer Magnifique.

She was all alone, so she did what she always did – she danced. She danced for joy, she danced for strength, she danced for sorrow, she danced for weariness. She danced because she didn’t know what else to do. She was all alone. They had all left her. A few at a time, they had left her. Even her own parents had left her.

When a story starts out that way, you know you’d better grab a box of tissues before continuing. Taking several twists and turns, the story continues to get better and better. At the end though, you may still need some tissues for your tears of joy.

Grab ahold of your seat for another wild ride through the worlds of The Dancer. Then there’s one more book in that series, so be sure to read The Dancer V.

The Wizard Without a Wand

There once was a Wizard named Shmedley Thrumbledack and his story goes something like this …

Shmedley’s parents were sending him to Wizard School. It would be great! Shmedley’s parents were both powerful Wizards and he hoped to be like them someday. But so far the only magic he could do was to say his name with a certain flair. Shmedley was looking forward to attending this school and learning all about Wizardry. Well, all about Wizardry except for Wizard Math. Shmedley was already ahead of the fourth years in that course.

Shmedley’s parents had gotten him a scholarship to Wizard School. It was a full scholarship. Well it was almost a full scholarship, it didn’t pay for his transportation or his books. Even though his parents were powerful Wizards, they weren’t very rich. So after buying his books, and paying for the Wizard School Bus, they could’t afford to send him on the Train, there was no money left over for the most important item – a Wand. So, they had to send Shmedley to Wizard School without one.

Gareth Johnson does an awesome job narrating this book.

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This series was inspired by Harry Potter, but is totally different.

The Dancer

The Dancer was the first book of mine which just downloaded. I was sitting in an airport waiting for a very long layover. While I was waiting for my connecting flight, I walked around for a while. Then I sat down because this story was coming to me. Luckily I had notepad and pen with me and just started to write the story down. The entire story came while I was sitting there. And no, I did not miss my connecting flight. The hard part came when I had to type up my story and decipher what I had written. That book was the first of a 5-book series.

The Dancer
Sometimes she felt like she was living on a yo-yo. Flown towards the ground, then hovering there – a few inches away from the ground – before being spun back the other way and flown towards the sky, hovering there and then flown back towards the ground. From one extreme to the other – that was her life.
She’d seen a children’s toy once which consisted of a ball and string. The string was held in both hands, and the ball flew violently on the string from one hand to the other and back again. She didn’t know what this toy was called, but it described how she felt better than a yo-yo. There were two extremes in her life that she was being flown between, but they weren’t up and down, they were just different.
And why, oh why, had her Director (fool that he was), chosen this particular dance for her to perform? Why, oh why, oh why!? She’d heard that art imitated life (or was it the other way around?), but this was ridiculous.

And why had the Director chosen Ramon and Raul to dance with her? She knew why – the Director knew she liked Raul and Ramon. The Director was trying to be nice to her. What the Director didn’t know was just how much she liked Ramon and Raul. Ramon, Raul. Raul, Ramon. She couldn’t decide. Both very muscular dancers, good looking, smart, Italian – she liked Italian! – but both so different. Ramon had more charm. Raul had more brains and sometimes that was more charming. Both were dynamic. Both were popular. Both were different.

They had very different interests. They both were interested in things she was interested in. They were both interested in her. But she couldn’t decide. She liked them both a lot.

Jordan Scherer did an excellent job of narrating this Romantic tale which takes you to several fantasy worlds.

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Of Violet and Brunettes


Listen to Chiquito Joaquim Crasto read a portion of Of Violet and Brunettes on Amazon – see link below

Violet was six and Brunettes were four. And seeing as how they’re the main characters in this children’s book; and seeing as how they live in a castle in a dynasty; they’re royalty.

Violet has violet hair as does everybody else in the dynasty, everybody except Brunettes. They were an exception. Their hair was auburn with a touch of gold. Perhaps when Brunettes grew older, their hair would turn violet. However, Brunettes were always an exception to everything in the Dynasty, so Violet doubted it with every last breath of her being.

Violet started the conversation. She always had to start the conversation, but she didn’t really mind. She liked giving Brunettes a chance to start the conversation, knowing that would never happen.
Waiting just long enough, Violet asked, “What shall we do today?” She tried to make it sound royal.

They waited and waited, then together Brunettes said, “I don’t know.”
“Well, in that case …”, Violet was starting to say; when Brunettes said together, “Today, we get a name!”

This was very surprising to Violet. It was not surprising that Brunettes said something together. They said and did everything in unison.
It was this request for a name that was so surprising. They had a name! So, Violet stated what she assumed was obvious to all of them. “You have a name, Brunettes.”
“NO!!!!!!!!! She wants a name!” they screamed, pointing at each other.
“Brunettes, you have a name!” said Violet, sounding as exasperated as a six-year old could sound.

Please click on the book below to purchase Of Violet and Brunettes and find out how Brunettes get a name. Or you can buy the audio book version and listen to Chiquito Joaquim Crasto read it wonderfully.
Coming later this year, Of Orchid and Dandelion.

Find your Inner Color

artists pallette

I created a new toy. It’s a webpage where I let you find your inner color. Could be you soul color, could be your aura, could just be your unique color. I had lots of fun creating it and I hope you have lots of fun playing with it. I know how people like to take quizzes to see what animal they’re like and that sort of thing. Consider this a quiz to find out what color you’re like.

Find your Inner Color here

Mine turned out to be
moderate cyan #58a8a4 in webpage language, which is pretty close to moderate cyan.

Works for me!

What’s yours?