Excel Weekly ToDo Calendar


I’ve got the Calendar in Outlook. I’ve got a Calendar for my travel in Excel – one row for each week. But I needed a weekly or rather 7 day todo Calendar. Yes, I could put my Tasks in Outlook. However, I think Excel is easier to modify. And since I’m a procrastinator, I tend to keep moving tasks later and later.

Here’s what I did. First open a new Excel Spreadsheet. Select columns A-H. Since I’m working on a laptop, I was able to set the Column Width for these columns to 20. Your column width may be different. Right-Click, Column Width, 20. Also change these columns to Wrap Text while you’re at it.

Select column I – set column width to 1. This way, if I tab out of H into I, it doesn’t cause Excel to shift to the next set of columns to the right. Column I is still on the main screen as A-H.

Label row 2 (I’ll get to row 1 in a second) Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, thru Saturday. Label H2 Other. That’s because I have items in the future or items without dates – ones I just get to as have time.

Label A1 with the date for the Sunday of the current week. I prefer the Short Date format dd/mm/yy in the US. That is not the default, so I have to change the format. Grab the lower right corner of A1 and drag to the right thru G1. Now all your columns have dates.

Bold the top two rows. Select the third row – View Menu, Freeze Panes, Freeze Panes. This will keep your first two rows frozen on the screen as you scroll down.

Now, here’s the tricky bit. Select A1 thru G1. Home Menu, Conditional Formatting, Color Scales, Other Rules. Change the minimum color to yellow and the maximum color to orange. This way the minimum date is highlighted in yellow. The other dates will get slightly more orange.

OK, but I’m in the middle of the week. That’s OK. Change the date for Sunday to whatever that will be. Then grab that lower right corner of A1 and drag to the right until you get to yesterday. This is called filling or drag filling. Every time a week changes you’ll need to replace the Sunday date. Every time the day changes, you’ll need to drag fill the previous date to today – or type in today’s date.

Now you’re set. Just fill in the tasks for the appropriate day. Have a task which doesn’t fit in the current 7 days, place it in the Other column. Have a lot of Other stuff, add another worksheet (tab) to this spreadsheet. That way you’ll be able to store that stuff until it’s time to place it on your main worksheet. The highlighting will focus you in on today. It will also allow you to easily see that the Wednesday stuff is next week rather than this week.

This ToDo Calendar really helps because, Just because I procrastinate, doesn’t mean I’ll never get around to it.