Ducker Disdain’s University of Toe Snapping

Ducker Disdain’s University of Toe Snapping. In this whimsical story, we learn all about Ducker Disdain who became famous for being able to snap his toes. This is similar to children snapping their fingers. But it is much harder to do. Still, Ducker enjoyed it. But then one day he had to make a decision, he could figure out how to really snap his toes or he could put his shoes on and never go barefoot another day in his life. In other words, he could just be normal.

Now also available as an #audiobook, narrated by Jacob Shumway.

Ducker dreams of taking a class to improve his toe snapping talent. When he can’t find one, he decides to create his own University of Toe Snapping. Will his dreams come true? How? The answer lie within the story.

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