Emojis for Books

Hey #writingcommunity, do you use emojis in your books? Do you use emojis to promote your 📚? Which emojis do you use ⁈🤔 Why isn’t there an emoji for emoji?

I use various emojis on my website to denote book themes – superheroes, romance, wee people, shapeshifters, magic, families, time travel, etc. Check out both my children’s and fantasy pages to see most of these. If there’s an animal, cat, etc, in my book, I try to denote that with an emoji also. Note: I usually limit animals to dinosaurs and dragons, though the main character #protaganist in Cascadia Prime might be a relative of big foot. However, there’s no emoji for sasquatch.

When I’m looking for emojis, I look in three places: Emojipedia, Really Useful Unicode, and/or an Emoji Keyboard. Really Useful Unicode is my web library for Unicode symbols which are the predecessors of emojis. I use this library for two reasons: 1) Letters, numbers, punctuation, algebra, simple shapes – square, 𝕖𝓉ⓒ. 2) When I can’t think of how to convey an idea. For example, this library contains many symbols for #writing. ✍, 💄🤏,āļĢ, etc.

I sometimes use emojis in my books. However, sometimes, when I upload the book to Amazon, the emoji turns into tofu ⎕ or just doesn’t show up. This is especially true of more recent emojis. It is also often true when the emoji is made up of multiple symbols, such as my superhero emoji (because there is no superhero emoji). Emojipedia will tell you if there are multiple codes used to make up an emoji when you scroll near the bottom. So, I try to remember to double check that. Another note on this: emoji flags won’t work in Windows, at least not without my Expressive Websites javascript library.

When emojis aren’t working in my books, I have to use the picture behind the emoji. The pictures for most emoji’s are copyrighted, so I tend to use the Windows, Google, or Twitter versions. The Windows version is copyrighted, but since the emoji font is covered by my Windows copyright, the picture should be also, shouldn’t it? Anyway, I often prefer the Google or Twitter version. If I need something slightly different, I can maybe find a picture on Pixabay or WPClipArt. And I often like to take something as a starting point and modify it to make my own unique version of an emoji.

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