Having Fun Publishing Audiobooks

I’ve been having a lot of fun the last month or two publishing audio books. I simply set up my account at Amazon at http://www.acx.com/ and find my book that I’ve published on Amazon at https://www.createspace.com/ or my e-book I’ve published on Amazon at https://kdp.amazon.com/. Getting the book written was the hard part.

Then I create an audition script – two to three pages of excerpts from my book. Then I wait for auditions to come in. My friend JJ Nugent doesn’t wait for auditions. He searches for Producers (narrators) at the audio book website (above). When he finds one whose audio samples he likes, he asks them if they’d like to produce his book.

The standard contract is that Audible (now owned by Amazon) has exclusive rights to sell your audio book on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. The author gets 40% of the royalties and the producer gets 40% (Audible keeps 20%).,

So far I’ve sold 25 books in just a few weeks. 23 copies of Consulting 101 – The Basics narrated by Wayne F Perkins; 1 copy of Traveling with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities narrated by Joe Wosik; and 1 copy of Dragon’s Tears  narrated by Gareth Johnson.

Also available for sale are Strawberry Cheesecake Applesauce narrated by Betty Johnston; and The Dancer Volume 1 narrated by Jordan Scherer.

I have two more books completed and will be ready for sale shortly – Every Man’s Dream or Nightmare as the Case May Be; and Ribo Quadrilobe: The Healer is Judged; both narrated by Gareth Johnson.

Backyard Paradise narrated by Betty Johnston will hopefully clear Audible’s Quality Check soon and also be available for sale.

So, if anybody’s looking for books they can listen to while jogging or flying or …, please check out mine. Thanks.

Dale Stubbart

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Betty L Johnston
Betty L Johnston
4 years ago

now it works! ! Here’s to lots of sales!

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