Here Come the Canadians

My wife and I recently visited Northeast England over the Christmas Break. We went to see friends whom we hadn’t seen in years. Now they live in the UK, so what better reason to visit. We were all just the same as the last time we had seen each other. Well, other than now their daughters are adults.

Many things were familiar in England. Some were different. Others, including the language was familiar yet different.

It was cold and I don’t like the cold. So I wore my biggest heaviest winter coat. And I wore a hat to keep my head warm. My wife was similarly attired. Some young boys playing in the took us for RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police. When they saw us coming their way, they shouted Here Come the Canadians! and off they ran.

Please join us in our adventure by reading the travelogue: Here Come the Canadians – Traveling in Northeast England.

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