If COVID-19 had happened when

I hope that others will also reflect what it would have been like if this pandemic had happened at some prior time in their life. This is what my life would have been like if COVID-19 had happened when I was a Senior in high school.

First off, I wouldn’t have been sorry to have missed my senior year in high school. I was good at school studies, but that’s not to say I enjoyed it. I didn’t really have many friends, other than my card-playing buddies. I was on friendly terms with the rebel element – those against school admin and government running our lives. The strongest kid in school was my friend. And one of the bullies and I were, well we weren’t enemies any more. But I wouldn’t have missed them that much.

I think the rebels would not have rebelled against social distancing and stay at home orders that made sense. As for breaking curfew, I was already doing that. But the police new it, and I knew that they knew it. They may have thought I was older than I was. I looked like I was 30. They may also not have cared since I was alone, and was not a person of color. As it was, they made sure, I got home safely.

I worked at a Grocery Store, so I may have been an essential worker. I would have been able to work more hours and save more money for college if I hadn’t been in school. That would have been fine by me. I was out after curfew because that’s when I got off work. I sacked groceries and carried them out to the cars. So, I might have been one of those people to bring your order to you.

I would have played lots of frisbee with my two younger sisters. My older sister would have been busy making lists. Dad had a garden. I’m sure I would have had to do more gardening. The only real gardening I did was picking gooseberries and strawberries. I also had to mow the grass and weed the lawn (by hand). I probably would have been tasked with washing the cars.

I helped out in the kitchen – dishes and cooking. I enjoyed that more than working in the yard.

My mother was recovering from a long illness. So, we would have had to make sure she stayed healthy.

I would have missed going to Spain for Spring break. I probably would have also missed the return trip that summer. Both of those were for educational purposes, but I still enjoyed them.

There was no internet. We only got 3 TV stations – CBS, ABC, NBC. PBS came in every so often, but not very well, and nothing we ever wanted to watch. We had to figure out ways to keep ourselves entertained. My older sister did that by reading as many books as she could from the Library. She wouldn’t have been able to do that anymore.

Dad was a school teacher, so he would have been home more and given us more chores to do. He would have been the one to go pick up KFC or McDonald’s or Burger King or Wendy’s. Those were our choices for drive thrus. I would have been the one to grocery shop since I worked at the grocery store. But that would have meant Mom or Dad would have come to pick them up, since I could only carry two bags when I was walking or biking home. Nobody else in the family had their driver’s license yet.

We all went to church regularly – Sundays and Wednesday nights if possible. Dad might have held church at home. There wouldn’t have been any zoom meetings for that.

Living through COVID-19 back then would have been tough. But we would have survived.

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