Inviting the Writing Muse

So, you want to be a writer. Or perhaps you want to write better. Maybe you’re in the middle of writing something and you’re just plain stuck. Time to invite the Writing Muse into your life.

There are all sorts of mechanical things you can do to improve your writing skills – learning to spell better, taking grammar and  writing classes, joining a writer’s group. You can write something in Word and then do a spell check. If you have set your options to provide the reading level Word will tell you the Reading Level and Reading Score. You should shoot for 6th Grade or lower and for a Score of 70 or higher. If you’re not hitting that score, try breaking apart long paragraphs and sentences.

Those are all good to do. You can also read more. However most best selling books follow one formula or another. Those formulas is designed to sell more books. I find that books written using those formulas to be boring. The pattern is too obvious and usually it involves too much sex and violence.

What I do is work with the Writing Muse, even for my reference books. Both the Writing Muse and I like to write. We both enjoy it. I can’t say that it brings me lots and lots of joy. However, I enjoy it enough that I’m working on book #99. Writing is a vehicle for this things that I really, really enjoy.
The Writing Muse and I have a intimate relationship. That means we really enjoy spending time with each other. For some, that relationship can be to the exclusion of all else. I have written like that. But I prefer keeping my boundaries. There are other things in life besides writing, even when I’m writing.
Having an intimate relationship means, not keeping myself distant from the story. It means, allowing the story to be a part of my life. It means interacting with the characters in my story, rather than just observing them. It means seeing what they’re seeing, feeling what they’re feeling, experiencing what they’re experiencing. Those who read my stories often express how deeply the stories touch them, how they feel like they’re a part of the story, how I’ve drawn them into the story.

All of my books are available at Get ready to not be bored. Get ready to let the stories touch you. Get ready to enter the stories. Get to know that cast and become part of the cast. Get ready to enjoy. And possibly you’ll meet the Writing Muse while you’re reading these stories. After all, the Writing Muse is the co-author.

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