Just Like Down Home

Just like down home is a phrase my Grandpa said a lot. It’s a fancy way of saying everything went just fine.

My Grandpa had a lot of phrases which he said quite often. Some people call them Hillbilly phrases. But as my Grandpa said, he was a Mountain William, not a Hill Billy.

My favorite phrase of his was his response when asked how he was. Why I’m fine as a frog’s hair and twice as curly. If he was feeling poorly, he’d respond with Fair to Middlin.

In my book Just Like Down Home, Joel has a day job where nothing goes right. But he dreams of having a night job where everything goes right. He life takes a turn for the worse. But then his dream starts infiltrating his life and as he starts cooperating and interacting with his dream in his life, night turns to day and his life becomes just like down home.

I had a dream about the first part of the book. Then it took a while for the rest of the book to reveal itself. But my dream starting infiltrating my life and the story unfolded.

We often hope for our dreams to overtake our lives. Not our nightmares, our dreams. However, most of the time our dreams and our lives seem totally separate. Yet, I’m 111% certain that our dreams are constantly seeping into our lives. When we take a moment and start to notice that they are, and we stop thinking ourselves crazy for noticing; our dreams can start weaving their way into our lives. As we work their patterns into every fabric of ourselves, they become a blanket. We can wrap ourselves in that blanket or carry it around as our security. Either way, it will encompass our life and everything will be just like down home.

Special thanks to Duncan Cassidy for narrating this story for me. You can listen to a sample on Amazon.

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