My Latest Books

I recently published three more books: The Wizard without a Wand – Book 10: A Most Powerful Wizard This is the last book in this series. In this final episode, Epsi is taken captive until he can turn the Springboks into Wizards. His final words are:Only a most powerful wizard can free me. Who will be that most powerful wizard? Will it be the principal Arlanda Florida? Perhaps it will be Ariel Lightwand the Left-handed who teaches How to Become a Wizard in a Kajjillion Steps. Perhaps it will be Leesha Fourthchild who is the best at casting spells of all the students.

Prince Pugawulamukapee is a tongue twister of a children’s book. Down under the lichen and under the moss lies the magical land of Trusvariankoponomy. Prince Pugawulumukapee finds himself here in this wonderful land, but there’s one wee problem. He can’t understand a word that anyone is saying. What magical things will he find in this tale?

Ducker Disdain’s University of Toe Snapping. In this whimsical story, we learn all about Ducker Disdain who became famous for being able to snap his toes. This is similar to children snapping their fingers. But it is much harder to do. Still, Ducker enjoyed it. But then one day he had to make a decision, he could figure out how to really snap his toes or he could put his shoes on and never go barefoot another day in his life. In other words, he could just be normal.

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