My Spiritual Books

Our Seven BrainsOur Seven Brains tells you how you can get all seven of your brains to work together as one. Wait a minute, you’re saying. I only have one brain. Yes, but your brain has four lobes, plus the cerebellum. Then there’s your heart and your gut. I consider each of these to be a brain. I know for myself, they’re often fighting. This book tells you the modis operandi of each brain, including it’s method of coherence, and help you to get them all working together again.

The Language of the WindThe Language of the Wind gives examples of how the Wind has spoken to me and how it has shared Blueberry Juice for the Soul with me.

Yellow Bear┬áThese are my experiences with my best friend Yellow Bear. I’m sure you also have a best friend inside yourself. Hopefully these stories will help you communicate with that best friend, so you can share your own stories.

The Train to the Forgotten Shires The Train to the Forgotten Shires is a Beginnings story, of how it might have been.

Eve is my fantasy rendition of her Biblical story. Not really a spiritual book, but it is a beginnings book.

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