My Trendiest Books

Which of my books are trending the most? Wouldn’t that be My Trendingest Books? In other words, which of my books are getting the most attention?

A few months ago, I started working with various marketing opportunities to promote my books. Dr Rissy’s, is one of those marketing firms. I’m liking the attention their posts are bringing to my books. The books which are trending the most on their social media posts are The Wizard Without a Wand, Gill McGillicutty, and Ribo Quadrilobe in The Healer is Judged.

The Wizard Without a Wand

The Wizard without a Wand (WoW), is about a student at Wizard School, Shmedley Thrumbledack by name. Soon, I hope he’ll be as famous as that other student a different Wizard School. Shmedley’s parents are very powerful Wizards. But that doesn’t mean they’re rich. In fact, even though Shmedley has a “full scholarship”, it’s all they can do to send him to school on the Wizard School Bus. They can’t afford the Train. And they definitely can’t afford to buy him a wand. You’ll have to read my book to find out how he survives without a wand. In fact, you’ll want to read the entire series of 10 books. I’ll give you one hint, Shmedley is not on his own. Books one through four have been wonderfully narrated and are also available as audio books.

Gill McGillicutty

Shmedley does have a little romance in his life, but Gill McGillicutty is a real PG romance. Gill, appears from some hidden, distant, unknown native tribe, looking for the answer to his vision quest. The answer is the love of his life and a way to save his tribe named Sylvia. She is a college student who has decided that her life will be different from what her parents have in mind. Trust me, her life will be different than anything Sylvia has in mind once Gill floats into town. Did I mention that there was a flood that day?

Ribo Quadrilobe

Ribo Quadrilobe is the robot’s robot. He’s certain that every robot should be purely robot, just like himself. Ribo has been assigned to investigate Hannah Harvester for practicing spiritual healing as a doctor – a definite violation of Separate of Church and State. However, as an R5 (top of the line) robot, whether he finds Hannah to be innocent or guilty, the judge will not overrule him. As an R5, he is also the sole investigator on the case. Will Ribo find Hannah guilty or innocent? More importantly, will they fall in love? What will happen when Ribo’s world falls apart? The answer to that and other questions are found in this PG reverse mystery book.

You can find all 80+ of my books on my website – Oh yeah, I got really creative with that website name.

Dale Stubbart

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