Organize Your Writing

Whether you’re planning to write one book or 100, staying organized is key. How you stay organized is up to you. For me, that includes excel spreadsheets, folders on my laptop, and a very cluttered desk. Yes, one person’s clutter is another person’s organization.

I mostly organize to keep my almost 100 books straight. I also sometimes have to organize a book before and/or while I’m writing it. Tables of Contents help as does my search box. The Search Box for my books on my website at, finds books by a word in the title, a main character’s name, a frequently used word in the book, genre, and possibly theme (like magic).

I also keep track of where I am in the process in my spreadsheets – What chapter I’m writing or Editing and which Editing task I’m performing. I also track whether I’ve published it as paperback, ebook, or audiobook (or all 3), the year, the rating, and the number of pages and words.

I probably keep track of more info than I need to, but hey! It’s my organization and I’ll do it the way I want. As should you.

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