Overflow and Overwhelm

Overflow grew up unaware that Overwhelm existed.
Overwhelm grew up unaware the Overflow existed.
It seemed that they met purely by chance.
It also seemed that it was fate that they should meet.

Overflow and Overwhelm found each other to be repugnant.
Overflow acted like he had never met Overwhelm.
Overwhelm acted like he had no idea who Overflow knew.
But they both knew each other, very well.

Overflow and Overwhelm found out that they were related.
In fact, it turned out that they were twins, identical twins.
When Overflow looked in the mirror, sometimes he saw Ovewhelm.
The same was true for Overwhelm for they were mirror images of each other.

And here you are stuck between Overflow and Overwhelm.
How can it be that they are mirror reflections of each other?
How can they have any thing in common?
How can they be identical twins, they don’t even look like each other?

Yet there is something in you, deep in your core
This seed gave birth in you to both overflow and overwhelm
Both want your attention, but overwhelm is louder
And sometimes overflow goes unnoticed

But overflow still exists and is still as strong as Overwhelm
And each time you see yourself as Beauty
Overwhelm becomes Overflow
And your Overflow becomes increasingly strong

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