Paperback vs Ebook vs AudioBook

I publish most of my books in three formats – Paperback, Ebook, and AudioBook. That way readers can enjoy my stories in their favorite format. If I were talented enough, I’d make them into movies. But I guess I’ll have to wait for a film director to come along and ask if they can do that for me, pretty please. Just how does one go about making a video anyhow?

But what really is the difference between those three formats and which one will work best for you?

If you like to touch things, then you’ll probably enjoy paperbacks. If you’re more visual ebooks may be the ticket, especially if you enjoy spending lots of time on your tablet, computer, or phone. If you’re good at listening, audio books are the way to go. That’s the basics, what more can there be I wonder?

Well, you may spend a lot of your time commuting – by plane or car. Or you may like to jog while listening to a good story. If you do, audio books will consume that time quite nicely. But some of my audiobooks, leave out long lists and more technical info because I think it’s too hard to take in just listening to it for most people. If you want those details, you’ll find them in the paperback and ebook versions.  So, you may want to purchase multiple versions.

You may not be purchasing ebooks because you think you can’t read them on your laptop. Oh, but you can. IceCream Reader is one app that you can download for free which will let you do just that.

I saw one twitter post suggesting that people listen to books using the reader in Microsoft Word. Yes, you can do that, but you probably won’t like it. I use that to edit my books. But the reader can’t tell the difference between the current and past tense of read. And it makes many more egregious mistakes. In addition, it’s flaky and will all of a sudden quit. Another quirk is that you might have to tell it to restart four times before it actually does. Word has three voices. I use David, it’s slightly better than the other two, but I wouldn’t call it good.
I can only listen to David for a short chapter at a time. Then I have to go wash my ears out.

But for listening to a book, it sucks. Not only do my narrators get things right, they also make my books come to life. And that’s another reason for listening to audio books – they tell the story differently than you might have expected from having read the paperback or ebook version.

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