Why is my Enemy my Enemy

Here’s an age old question: Why is my enemy my enemy? That’s usually followed by: What did I do to them? (Or to offend them)?

I was prompted recently to look at a book that was in my Not to be Published stack. I wrote it in 2004, but didn’t like the ending. I was amazed as a reread what I had written. This book was very apropos for today. It asked these questions:

  • Why does evil always resurface?
  • Why is my enemy my enemy?
  • Who and what will save the day?

Aumanil’s: Three Paths – One History had lots of holes in the story – had to fix that. The reason I had put this book on the Do Not Publish heap was because I didn’t like the ending. As part of the rewrite, I ended up with more information at the end, twice.  So I guess there were holes there also. Now, I really like the ending, wasn’t what I had planned.

Aumanil’s doesn’t so much answer those questions, as it gives us insights into how those in another Cosmos wrestled with them. Their solutions probably aren’t our solutions. But there was one thing they did, which we will probably have to do. Somebody had to walk to where the sun was shining more brightly. For there lay their solution.

This is my 105th book.

Wind’s Wine

After a month of worry

Your heart grows furry

And you can only smile instead

For you have drunk from the Wind’s wine

And there are no worries in your head


Wind’s wine

Like a spring song

Goes whispering down your throat

Always your worries

Like winter snow

Wind’s wine melts, rather than coats


Wind’s wine will quell your fear

The deepest that you have

Wind’s wine will let you relax

Your dreams you’ll now hold dear


Wind’s wine – Tonic supreme

Wind’s wine – Coconut cream

Wind’s wine – Heaven’s elixir

Wind’s wine – straight or as a mixer


Wind’s wine

There’s always enough of this healing stuff

Wind’s wine will cure your woes

And fill you with bliss

Getting Fancy with Tables of Contents

I had a special request to add a table of contents to a book. The request came from my wife and it was her book, so it was very special. The book is titled: The Actress. Her book is about an Actress who encounters a blank script. But what if that script is her life.? There’s a cat and a baby in the story. And the theme is from Julian of Norwich: “All will be well”. The Request was to add a table of contents. However, both lines of the chapter title needed to be on the same line in the table of contents.

No problem. Open the document (in Microsoft Word), Select Reference, Table of Contents, choose the style I wanted, and Voila, I’ve got a Table of Contents. My wife wants her Table of Contents (TOC) to be page numbered using lower case roman numerals, rather than Latin numbers (1,2,3). No problem, as she’s already got a section break, doing that. If she didn’t I’d add a section break by choosing Layout, then clicking on Breaks and choosing a section break. Getting the numbers in different formats requires several more steps, which is not the topic of this post. Luckily, my wife publishes her books on https://www.thebookpatch.com/ and they provided a Word Template for her to use which had this option. Amazon probably has a similar template, but I only ever tried to use an Amazon template years ago. It was so slow, that I had to just handle formatting on my own.

So, back to the subject at hand. My wife’s headings came as Chapter 1 and then more descriptive text on the next line. In this case Chapter 1 Ordinary Life. I had the bright idea to make the second line a bit larger than the first line – in other words, we would increase the font size on the second line.

First I had to apply styles of Heading 1 and Heading 2 to those two lines. So I found the style in the top ribbon and right-clicked on it choosing Update Heading. When I was satisfied with Chapter 1 Ordinary Life, I went to Chapter 2. There, I clicked on the first line and then clicked on Heading 1 from the ribbon. This applied Heading 1 to Chapter 2. Then I clicked on the second line of the chapter title and clicked on Heading 2. Luckily, there are only 14 chapters. From the View Menu, I had Navigation Pane checked. This helped my to see my progress.

Now, insert a TOC from the Reference Menu. And, …, Wait a minute, this won’t work. Chapter 1 is on a line in the TOC, followed by dots, followed by the page number. That’s ok, but Ordinary Life is on the next line, followed by dots, followed by the page number. Since her chapter headings are centered in the book, they’re left-justified (aligned to the left of the page) in the TOC. If they had been left aligned, and if Heading 2 had been indented, then Ordinary Life might have been indented in the TOC. That might have looked ok; the TOC I now had definitely didn’t look OK.

I tried googling MS Word Table of Contents multiple headings on same line. That led me to various websites, but mostly on a wild goose chase. Or, that led me to
“chasing an untamed ornithoid without cause”, to paraphrase Data.

Allen Wyatt, my go to web guy for MS Word tips, suggested, changing the line break after Chapter 1 to a soft line break. A soft line break, he informed me, is made by holding down the shift while pressing enter. I toggled paragraph marks by clicking the backwards looking P on the Home tab. Then I selected the paragraph mark between Chapter 1 and Ordinary Life, and did Shift+Enter. That changed the backwards P to an arrow. But wait! It also changed Ordinary Life to Heading 1. That’s not what I wanted.

Allen suggested looking at TOC Tips by Suzanne Barnhill. I tried playing with the TOC field codes. To get to these field code, I clicked Shift+F9 while my cursor was in the Table of Contents. That showed my the Hyperlink field code instead. I finally figured out (stumbled upon) clicking Shift+F9 twice. When I was done monkeying with the TOC field codes, I pressed F9 (which is the same as choosing Update Field), and then choose Update Entire Table. I was helped in my efforts by Susan Harkins, whose web post on Tech Republic describes all possible flags for the TOC field code. I’m sure that info is available in Word itself, somewhere. Nothing I tried, gave me what I wanted, nor did it look good.

I hit Ctrl+Z (Undo) until I got back to a good starting point. Then I applied Allen’s soft line break technique. I tried this with Chapter 1. Then I went back and updated the TOC to see how that looked. It looked ok. I would have preferred that the TOC had an n-dash or a colon or even just a hyphen separating Chapter 1 and Ordinary Life. But nothing I tried was going to get me anywhere close to that. Then I went back to Chapter 1 and increased the font-size on Ordinary Life. Even though both lines of the Chapter Title are in Heading 1 style, I can override portions of Heading 1. Then I applied this technique to the rest of the chapters. Again, I was grateful that The Actress only has 14 chapters.

The last test was to save the book as a pdf. This is the only way to publish on Book Patch (unless they’ve added functionality). And I would need the pdf to post as an e-book on Book Patch. OK, so it’s not really an e-book, but it will work on e-readers almost as well as an actual e-book. And it’s simpler to convert word to a pdf than to an e-book. I then opened the pdf and my chapter titles looked the way I wanted them to. The TOC was also good.

There will be one final test when I upload the pdf to Book Patch. We’ll see if their software overwrites any of the styles. Amazon for sure would, though perhaps not these particular ones. But first, to correct the other mistakes we found in the first edition. Then to have my wife review it. Then eventually to upload and finally publish the second edition. The Actress won’t substantively change between now and then, so you won’t really be missing anything if you order now.

The Language of the Wind

The Wind

The Language of the Wind; Blueberry Juice for the Soul is my book of Mystical Poetry about the Wind. The Wind is the Ultimate Truth, the Relationship of Relationships, the Healer, the One who Blesses us, the One who lets us know we really are OK, the Most Loving Heart.
The Wind is your best friend and advocate. The Wind is always there, to hold you and console you.
The Wind enjoys guiding you on your journey. The Wind wants the best for you.

Learn more about the great relationship you can have with the Wind through this book. If you like mystic writers like Rumi and John O’Donahue, you’ll enjoy this book. If you don’t get mystical writing, don’t worry about it. I did not understand it either, until my wife told me that much of my writing was very mystical. Once I recovered from that shock, I was able to better understand mystical writing through my own writing.  Yet, mystical writing is usually not written to be understand, it is written to resonate.

This book also contains some words from an ancient nautical language which came to me in the middle of the night. These are words like jicMaylc which means Wind’s Up! Let’s go! Each word is accompanied by a story that explains what it means for your spiritual life.

The second section of this book is titled Blueberry Juice for the Soul. These nuggets of wisdom which help us understand how the Wind speaks to us. If you need some spiritual elixir in your life, this is the section for you.

The third section is titled Peace, Paradise, and Butterflies. It contains my mystical poems and sayings on those subjects.

Chiquito Joaquim Castro did a delightful narration of this book for me. You can listen to his rich voice in the audio version. If you like to highlight verses, passages, and sections; or if you like to make notes; you’ll want the paperback version. An e-book version is also available if you want to read it on the plane.

Purchase the Audio Version

Purchase Paperback or e-Book Version

Overflow and Overwhelm

Overflow grew up unaware that Overwhelm existed.
Overwhelm grew up unaware the Overflow existed.
It seemed that they met purely by chance.
It also seemed that it was fate that they should meet.

Overflow and Overwhelm found each other to be repugnant.
Overflow acted like he had never met Overwhelm.
Overwhelm acted like he had no idea who Overflow knew.
But they both knew each other, very well.

Overflow and Overwhelm found out that they were related.
In fact, it turned out that they were twins, identical twins.
When Overflow looked in the mirror, sometimes he saw Ovewhelm.
The same was true for Overwhelm for they were mirror images of each other.

And here you are stuck between Overflow and Overwhelm.
How can it be that they are mirror reflections of each other?
How can they have any thing in common?
How can they be identical twins, they don’t even look like each other?

Yet there is something in you, deep in your core
This seed gave birth in you to both overflow and overwhelm
Both want your attention, but overwhelm is louder
And sometimes overflow goes unnoticed

But overflow still exists and is still as strong as Overwhelm
And each time you see yourself as Beauty
Overwhelm becomes Overflow
And your Overflow becomes increasingly strong

Primary Reaction

The Wind

Until your primary reaction is not fear
Until it is not rage
Until it is not anger
Until it is not hate

Until your primary reaction is joy
Until it is peace
Until it is caring
Until it is love

Your emotions still need healing.

Consider taking them to the emotion spa. A place in your mind and heart where your emotions are pampered. Treat them with joy, peace, caring, and love and they will start to heal.

The Night the Stars Went Away


The Night the Stars Went Away - Book
Hi, My name is Frank. This is my story. I’m sure there are other bottles in the stream, carrying other stories about what happened. This is what I recall. Some might say, it is my version of the truth. Will we ever know what happened? Some are certain they know, “Preaching it” as it were “from the rooftops”. Some are certain, but keep silent, for fear their truth will come out. Most of the world didn’t live all the way through those cataclysmic events. Most of us who did are content to just write our stories down, place them in bottles and toss those bottles into the stream. Like most, I’m hoping that somebody downstream will find my story. Then perhaps, all the stories will merge. All the pieces will be put together. And at last we’ll finally know what really happened. And of course there will always be those who say that nothing ever happened. That the rest of us just were dreaming or having nightmares. But, I know better. At least I think I do. This is my story of what happened, the night the stars went away.

My name of course is not Frank, it’s Dale. But Frank is the narrator in this story and he tells about the night that the stars went away. That’s right, they all left the night sky, just vamoosed. Pretty scary huh? Except nobody noticed. They were all too busy. Eventually they noticed, but not Frank. He was deep in the forest where he couldn’t have seen the stars even if they had still been there. And he wasn’t getting any news reports. After a few months, Frank emerges to a different world.

But don’t worry, I don’t write scary stories.

The Night the Stars Went Away is available on Amazon in paperback, e-book, and audio formats. Daniel Coker did a great job narrating this story for me.

Excessively Abundant Life

The Wind

Live! Be inundated with excessive abundant life!
Wherever you step, life awaits!
With each stride, life abounds in you!
With each hop, skip, and jump, life seeps further into you.
With each turn, life becomes a dance.
In each dance, you become partners with life.
Doors open as you dance through them
Each door leading to life.
Keep living, keep dancing, don’t stop now!
Everything before you is life.
You can’t mis-step, life is your destiny.
So Dance!

Unconditional Peace

The Wind

In my book, Our Seven Brains, I explain how a part of our brain is already working to pull us into unconditional peace. This part of the brain is the Cerebellum. And it works every day to bring us into unconditional peace or unconditional relaxation. Our Seven Brains is available as paperback, e-book, and Jax Russell just did a great job of narrating it as an audio book.

An Excerpt:

The Cerebellum sits below the Brain and is sometimes referred to as the second Brain. The Cerebellum amalgamates information from other parts of the Brain and sends it to the body, resulting in balance, coordination, movement, and spatial orientation. The Cerebellum coordinates and integrates all the input, making sense of it. The Cerebellum sends information to the body via the nervous system.

The Cerebellum’s Method of Coherence is Unconditional Peace which it achieves by bringing everything into balance.

When we need protection, it’s time to focus on Unconditional Peace.

Take two pens. Take off the caps. Place a flat ruler on them so that it is perpendicular to the pens, with the pens about halfway down the ruler. The ruler should balance on the pens. Focus on the balance. Focus on Unconditional Peace.

(Sure you could try this with one pen, but why stress yourself? Unconditional Peace is Unconditional Relaxation, which knows no stress.)

Our Cerebellum helps us coordinate ourself and other things.

We take people on Yellow Bear Journeys (walks on the beach) to help them come into unconditional peace.

My Spiritual Books

Our Seven BrainsOur Seven Brains tells you how you can get all seven of your brains to work together as one. Wait a minute, you’re saying. I only have one brain. Yes, but your brain has four lobes, plus the cerebellum. Then there’s your heart and your gut. I consider each of these to be a brain. I know for myself, they’re often fighting. This book tells you the modis operandi of each brain, including it’s method of coherence, and help you to get them all working together again.

The Language of the WindThe Language of the Wind gives examples of how the Wind has spoken to me and how it has shared Blueberry Juice for the Soul with me.

Yellow Bear These are my experiences with my best friend Yellow Bear. I’m sure you also have a best friend inside yourself. Hopefully these stories will help you communicate with that best friend, so you can share your own stories.

The Train to the Forgotten Shires The Train to the Forgotten Shires is a Beginnings story, of how it might have been.

Eve is my fantasy rendition of her Biblical story. Not really a spiritual book, but it is a beginnings book.