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Now you can subscribe to/sign up for my posts! I used the current years theme (2017) figuring that would have everything I needed – or at least the basics – wrong! 🚫

One thing it didn’t have was a subscribe button. I wanted people to be able to subscribe to my posts by email – this means, if they subscribe, every time I post, they get an email in their inbox. I think they can choose daily or weekly summary emails. I installed Email Subscribers & Newsletters plugin.

Then I thought, what about those sites where people can log in with their Facebook account? Surely there’s a plugin so people can subscribe with their social media account. I installed Social Login plugin which allows people to signin to my blog as Public Users. They can’t write posts, but they can comment.

Then, I was editing my Author’s Page at Amazon, because well, I’d published yet another book – In Search of a Right-Brained Computer. The Author Page allows you to post articles from your blog there, but I needed to know the rss format of the url of my blog. So I added Category Specific RSS Menu. I don’t think most people subscribe by rss anymore. I do at times with a newsreader page I created for myself. But it’s there in case anybody is so inclined. If you don’t know what RSS is, don’t worry, subscribe by email instead.

After adding each of these plugins, I had to add the corresponding widget to my sidebar. That’s under Appearance.Widgets in WordPress.

The 2017 theme came with a social menu, so at the bottom of each of my posts (all the way at the bottom), people can follow me on facebook (where I post non-computer blog posts), linkedin (where I post more technical posts), and twitter(where I post most of my posts).

I also have a left sidebar of social sharing (rather than follow) buttons on each of my posts thanks to a plugin by AddThis.

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