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My Dad’s book – Jimmy Son of Pioneers on the Western Prairie – is now available as an audio book – Thanks Ingrid Lambertsen for narrating this for me. Wonderful job. My Dad’s grew up in western Wyoming in the 1930’s. The Eastern part of the country may have been citified, but western Wyoming as still the land of Pioneers.

The Dancer Volume IV. The Dancer (Volume I) starts off with the Dancer who is trying to decide between two men. She likes them equally well. The Director has choreographed a new dance. The Dancer will be dancing with her two male friends. What could be more awkward. She knows she has to decide soon between these two. But during the dance, she spins so fast that she falls into another world. There she meets her life mate.
By the time of Volume IV, their daughter is now an adult who has to learn to live on her own. Will there be romance? Probably – there’s usually some romance in my books. How will she find her way? There will be parallel worlds and magic.
Jordan Sherrer is doing a wonderful job narrating this series

Natsumi Bailey did a wonderful job of narrating this story for me. I was lucky to find someone who could pronounce the Japanese bits.
Betty Johnston did a great job narrating this superhero children’s story. She also narrated Zuper Zero. Red is Zuper Zero’s wife. This is a full dialog book starring Red, Zuper Zero, and their son who is now called Stop-N-Go.
Gareth Johnson is narrating this series. I love his british accent and his voices. Oscar Henry, the strongest and gentlest person in the World has enjoyed a wonderful first year at Wizard School. But it cost him so much money that he’ll never be able to return. Plus, no his parents are asking him to leave. At 9ft tall, they no longer know how to take care of him. They encourage him to go out into the world and make his own way. Being gentle, Oscar Henry does. And he ends up having a wonderful summer.

Latest Audio Books


Betty Johnston just finished narrating The 1/2 Lot Project – A 5,000 Sq Ft Life for me. In this book, I start with 1/2 a city lot (5,000 sq ft). Then I proceed to see what kind of house I can build on it. The house has to be 1-story, large enough for the average US family (three people), and livable. In the end, we come to the conclusion that half a lot is really quite a lot.
While we came to that conclusion quite quickly, there really is a lot of information in this book. Most of it is about saving space in your living space.
I also include several inventions (conceptualizations really) about saving space.
If you want to save even more space, check out this article from USA Today about Tiny Houses in Hawaii.

Gareth Johnson just finished narrating The Wizard Without a Wand – Book 3 – Oscar Henry’s Summer. This third book in the Wizard Without a Wand Series is about Oscar Henry’s (the gentle giant) summer after his first year at Wizard School. During this summer, he grows another three feet and needs to leave home to find his own way in the world. He meets a couple of friendly Hobo’s and they have a wonderful adventure.

Michael Hope just finished narrating Generation Q. Generation Q tells about the split of the earth into parallel worlds in the year 2000. In the parallel world a generation of special children are born. These children, their parents and mentors must stay hidden from the rest of the world if they want to live. In this parallel world though, the desire for war fades to the point that there are no more wars. And finally it is safe for these children to show themselves. Once they do, they help to save the world. But that is not the big surprise at the end of the book. My wife said when she read this book, you are the only person I know who can write a novel in one page. There are several novels in this book.