New Best Selling Book

Sales have placed another of my books on my best sellers list – Of Orchid and Dandelion. This is my first Children’s Book to end up on my best sellers list. Keep reading to see why this is strange.

The strangest part about this is that this book is the second in a series and none of the first book in the series (Of Violet and Brunettes) have sold yet.

And stay tuned for the third book in the series – Of Violette and Aubergine

80th Book Published


I just published my 80th book – Of Orchid and Dandelion

Of Orchid and Dandelion is the presequel to Of Violet and Brunettes. And you’re probably wondering what a presequel is. Well a prequel is a story which comes before another story and a sequel is a story which comes after another story. So a presequel is a story which comes both before and after another story.

In Of Violet and Brunettes, we learn about the Princess Violet and her twin sisters Brunettes. Brunettes want to each have a name, rather than having to share the same name. So the girls go on walks through their Dynasty hoping to find someone who can suggest separate names for Brunettes.

In that story, their mother Orchid returns. Of Orchid and Dandelion is a story of four young girls at the beginning of time who wander outside the field and can’t return. Two of those girls are Orchid and Dandelion. Now that Orchid has returned, she must find Dandelion and make her right everything that is wrong with the Dynasty. But first, there are stories to tell.

Children’s Stories

Some of my favorite people are children. Perhaps that’s why I write children’s stories. This link will take you to most of them.

Pavlik-Pavlik the Sub-Bohemian is a children’s story about the smallest person (and superhero) in the world. Gareth Johnson did a wonderful narration for the audio-book. I really love his voice for the really old toad. There’s also a superheroine in this story. This is a book for young children.

The Wizard Without a Wand is now one of my best sellers. This is a series of 10 books. I’m still working on publishing the last three. Gareth Johnson is also narrating this series. These books are about a group of ten good students attending Wizard School. In non-Wizard School terms, they are attending high school. This series is about teenagers wending their way through life. The first book stars Shmedley Thrumbledack – The Wizard without a Wand.

Capri is about a young girl who is in sixth grade. Age-wise, Capri should only be in second or third grade. However, she is wise beyond her years – or at least everybody thinks so. Capri knows that someday it will be found out that she is not quite so bright. And then the game will be up. And today might just be that day, because a dragon has entered the village and everybody expects Capri to know what to do about it. Chase Landmaker narrated the audio version of this book delightfully.

The Kalikimaka Gate (The Christmas Gate) is a story about life on an Alpaca Ranch in Hawaii. Well, it’s more about what the children who live at that ranch do during the magical time of Christmas. The story is read by twelve year old Lily to her four year old sister Lilipua. The story introduces some Hawaiian words. It also tells some of the Hawaiian beliefs about elves (Menehune) and Santa (Uncle Santee). Magically narrated by Stephanie Willing.

Betty Johnston fantastically narrated both The Blessing Mores and Zuper Zero. The Blessing Mores are about wee people like fairies and elves who go about blessing people. These wee people are called the Blessing Mores. Zuper Zero is about a super-heroic family. It is also a story about a superhero who doesn’t know that he has any superpowers. The sequel to Zuper Zero should be published by Christmas. The sequel is named Red and is about Zuper Zero’s wife – Red. Their son has not yet decided what his superhero name is. He is six in Zuper Zero and is called Little Zuper Zero. He is eight in Red and is called Stop-N-Go.

Chiquito Joaguim Crasto regally narrated Of Violets and Brunettes for me. This is a story about three Princesses – Violet and Brunettes who are twins. Everything is going fine in the Dynasty until one day when Brunettes each want their own name. To resolve this the Princesses walk about the dynasty meeting several people. Everybody in the book is named after the color of their hair and everybody’s hair is some shade of violet, except for Brunettes. Of Orchid and Dandelion is the pre-sequel and will be published early next year.

Ina Hurry is marvelously narrated by RK Meier. Ina Hurry is a young girl (about 6 or 7 years old) who is always in a hurry. She always has the rottenest luck. And who wouldn’t with a mother named Shutthe Dora?

You know how children go through life creating and enjoying piles? Piles of this, piles of that? That’s what The Piles Poem is about. The Piles Poem is for toddlers. This book also includes other poems for infants. – Squiggly Swirl, Sweet as Pumpkin Pie, Turn into Zee’s, and Butterfly Kisses.

Danwe of the Vase is enjoyably narrated by Stephanie Quinn. This is a story about a wee person, Danwe, who lives in a vase. And by lives in a vase, I mean he never leaves his vase. Until one day when he does. What adventures await him?

Run for your Life! The Huggers are Coming! is excellently narrated by David Edes. Run for your life is about two young boys aged four and three. They like to play trucks and neat things like that. One day, when they’re exhausted from playing, the huggers come by. Dilly gets hugged. Bob just barely escapes, because nobody, but nobody hugs Bob!

These books are all available in paperback, e-book, and audio formats on Amazon. And if you’re like me, you’re never to old for children’s stories.