Eve – A SciFi/Fantasy Version

I just finished publishing my 20th book on Amazon! Eve is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy version of the story which most of us are familiar with. The story of the garden of Eden/Paradise. The story of Adam and Eve.

In this version Eve is the main character. So I guess you could call it the story of Eve and Adam.

In the beginning, Eve lives in heaven. And, in the beginning, her name’s not Eve, it’s Jane. In Jane’s heaven, there’s a lot of pressure to fit in. And Jane just can’t. She needs to be herself. Finally, she feels so pressured that she runs off the edge of Heaven and falls to the Earth.

Adam is already on Earth, having arrived by a different means from another place or perhaps from another reality.

This version of Eve tells about the trials of trying to be yourself. It’s about people trying to get you to fit in, even when you flee from their world. But you flee, you find your soulmate who helps you finally escape from your past. And even though your life now is not the piece of cake it once was, you know you can never go back. You have to be yourself.

Eve - a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Version
Eve – a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Version

Myth, Love Story, Beginnings, Paradise, Humor
Length: 64 Pages.
Reading Ease: Very Easy; Reading Level: 5th Grade.
Maturity: PG13; Target Audience – Those who love Myths and Origins stories.