The Wizard Without a Wand

There once was a Wizard named Shmedley Thrumbledack and his story goes something like this …

Shmedley’s parents were sending him to Wizard School. It would be great! Shmedley’s parents were both powerful Wizards and he hoped to be like them someday. But so far the only magic he could do was to say his name with a certain flair. Shmedley was looking forward to attending this school and learning all about Wizardry. Well, all about Wizardry except for Wizard Math. Shmedley was already ahead of the fourth years in that course.

Shmedley’s parents had gotten him a scholarship to Wizard School. It was a full scholarship. Well it was almost a full scholarship, it didn’t pay for his transportation or his books. Even though his parents were powerful Wizards, they weren’t very rich. So after buying his books, and paying for the Wizard School Bus, they could’t afford to send him on the Train, there was no money left over for the most important item – a Wand. So, they had to send Shmedley to Wizard School without one.

Gareth Johnson does an awesome job narrating this book.

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This series was inspired by Harry Potter, but is totally different.