The Dancer III


Audio Version Now Available

Jordan Scherer just did a great job of narrating the third book in my series – The Dancer.
In this book, The Dancer’s young daughter takes center stage. One day, The Dancerette reports to her mother that the mirror is broken. There is no question as to which mirror her daughter is talking about. It must be the mirror in their dance studio.
If any of you ever wished for a dance studio in your home, now’s the time to be jealous!

When The Dancer goes to check it out, she finds that the mirror is ok. There are no cracks, it’s even well-polished. The Dancer goes through a Dance routine, just because she’s in the dance studio, and hey, she is The Dancer.
Everything is fine until she finishes her dance. Then the mirror stops reflecting what she is doing. Well, it sort of reflects what The Dancer is doing, but things are slightly different.

Somehow, everybody decides that it’s up to The Dancerette to fix the mirror – all by herself. But The Dancerette is just a young girl. How will she ever be able to fix the mirror?

Click the link at the top to buy the audio version and find out. Paperback and e-book versions are also available at Amazon. Just search Dale Stubbart books The Dancer III.