The Gnarl


Meet the Jim O’Leary’s, but only if you dare. The Jim O’Leary’s are nice enough folk. They always treat their servants nice and help when they can. They also care for the Fairies who are known as The Gnarl.

But the Jim O’Leary’s can’t show any emotion in their faces. And that can be kind of spooky. They’re also cursed, well most of them. They’re cursed by a rain cloud that hovers over their head and rains on them all the time. And that’s why they live in the Mansion.

The Jim O’Leary’s have lived in the mansion for a long time. It seems like it’s been forever. They even lived there before they carried the curse. When they started to carry the curse, the servants got tired of mopping up after them. So the servants, having magic of their own, blessed the castle, so that it couldn’t rain inside of it.

The Jim O’Leary’s might have lived in the mansion forever. But they knew that one day they would leave to find their destiny. It was probably just a coincidence that the very day they were leaving, a bear attacked the mansion. The bear had been sent by his master to find IT.

The bear was unaware of what IT was. He may have known at one point. But if he had, he had since forgotten. Just as the bear broke into the mansion, the Jim O’Leary’s were leaving And they were leaving with IT.

The bear’s master had meant the Fairies. But what the bear found was grease. And surely, in the bear’s mind, grease must be IT.

The Jim O’Leary’s went on in search of their destiny. And you can read about that in my book The Gnarl.
Derek Murphy did a very nice job of narrating the audio version, with his nice Irish Accent.
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