Redefining Success

There are a lot of posts and articles telling me why I’m not successful. There is no success in my life because I’m thinking the wrong thoughts. I am not successful because I stay in my comfort zone. I am not successful because I’m not rich and famous. I would be successful if I had more followers. I’m not successful because I can’t spell successful. Etc.

I think we short redefine success in terms of living. If you are alive, you’re successful! Congratulations everyone! The opposite of life is death. There are two basic ways in which we can die. 1) Our heart stops beating – lack of blood flow. 2) We stop breathing – lack of oxygen. If we want to keep on living, we should focus on heart/blood health and on respiratory health.

We can also be declared dead when we stop thinking. Though some of us don’t think for several moments every day – we just go into the nothing box. Others stop thinking and turn to playing games on their devices or to reading twitter and facebook and blogs like this one. So, we also need brain health.

There is also emotional death. This is often brought on be unresolved grieving or by being continuously told that having emotions is wrong. Emotional death is where your emotions are not alive. Vulcans are said to suppress their emotions. I prefer to think that they just process them efficiently. And we need emotional health.

I’m going to focus on being successful at living. Then I’ll worry about my financial and likable health. Those should be easier to attain if I’m happy that I’m alive.