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I just received 25 promo codes for my book – The Wizard without a Wand. These are good in the US only. If you use one of my promo codes, you can get this audiobook for free. It’s also available in paperback and e-book formats (not for free).

If you’d like to receive a promo code, go to my website and contact me, asking me for a promo Code for The Wizard without a Wand.

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Since there are only 25 promo codes, only the first 25 people to request a promo code will receive one. Please provide your email address, and your first and last name.

If this promotion goes well, I’ll be providing promo codes for another of my fantasy books soon. I also write children’s books; sci-fi; romance; fiction; reference – general, computer, and environment; and spiritual books. You can find them all on my website – My books are G rated and easy to read. You feel like you’re part of the story. Most contain romance and humor.

The Wizard without a Wand is about 10 good students who attend Wizard School and quickly become friends. Shmedley Thrumbledack is above the fourth year students in Wizard Math. And his parents are powerful wizards. Additionally they helped him get a full scholarship to Wizard School. However, after paying for his transportation there and back and his books, they can’t afford to buy him a Wand.

Even though the literature doesn’t say so, everybody knows that nobody attends Wizard School without a Wand. Apparently, Shmedley will be the first.

The Diary of Jenie Maloy

This is the second book in my series – The Wizard without a Wand

Jenie Maloy had a magical Diary which recorded her life. Its story goes something like this. …

In this second book, the story of the first year at Wizard School is retold from a different perspective, from a girl’s perspective, from the perspective of a girl who likes boys.

Now that she had been here for a few weeks, Jenie Maloy still had reservations about attending Wizard School. She was undecided as to whether Wizard School was Utopia or Aipotu. (Aipotu is Utopia spelled backwards and is its antithesis. Aipotu is pronounced like you’re spitting something out).

Listen to Gareth Johnson wonderfully tell a bit of the story:

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