The Dancer IV

Jordan Sherrer just completed her narration of The Dancer IV. Thanks again Jordan!
She has also narrated The Dancer, The Dancer II, and The Dancer III for me.

In book IV, The Dancerette has grown up to become The Dancer. Her mother who has previously called The Dancer is now The Dancer Magnifique.

She was all alone, so she did what she always did – she danced. She danced for joy, she danced for strength, she danced for sorrow, she danced for weariness. She danced because she didn’t know what else to do. She was all alone. They had all left her. A few at a time, they had left her. Even her own parents had left her.

When a story starts out that way, you know you’d better grab a box of tissues before continuing. Taking several twists and turns, the story continues to get better and better. At the end though, you may still need some tissues for your tears of joy.

Grab ahold of your seat for another wild ride through the worlds of The Dancer. Then there’s one more book in that series, so be sure to read The Dancer V.