Life Beacons


Life Beacons tells the story about a spaceship encountering aliens on a supposedly uninhabited planet. It’s a light read. But at the same time it’s an answer to my philosophy final. For that final, we were to write philosophically about something. The Teacher encouraged us to avoid topics like aliens from outer space, because for all we knew there might be aliens here already. But their appearance would be so foreign to our expectations that we would be unable to see them.
In this story, a spaceship does encounter some aliens on a planet. Technology allows them to recognize that there are sentient beings living on the planet, but those beings are so different that communication will be difficult if not impossible.
We get to see this story from both the viewpoint of those on the spaceship and of those on the planet’s surface.

You can hear Angela Lynn Claxton weave these two viewpoints together in the audio version. Paperback and e-book versions are also available.

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