SciFi Western Thunderation


Now just hang on there a gosh-darn second! Even the youngest buckaroos know that there ain’t no sich thing as a scifi-western.

Well I beg to disagree with you pardner. Let me refer you’all to my scifi-western Thunderation. Let me just sum it up by saying the Pecos Bill and Ben Franklin save the world from outerspace aliens.

William works for the WIA (World Intelligence Agency). His girlfriend has just dumped him for some guy who can levitate objects using his psi abilities. His girlfriend tells him goodbye in rallygirl. That wouldn’t have been so bad if rallygirl wasn’t one of the 27 languages he was fluent in.
To make matters worse, he and the A Team at the WIA now have just 7 days to save the world from Aliens.

No thar ye go agin. Confusin me all t’heck!

Well, don’t go gettin all riled up! Just read the story and it will all become clear. But maybe not before the last chapter.

Actor Steve Carlson did a fantastic job of narrating Thunderation for me. You can listen to a sample on Amazon.

Well I’ll be hornswaggled, there is sich a thing as a sci-fi western!