Changes to Amazon Publishing Platform


This year Amazon changed it’s book publishing platform. Before the change CreateSpace published the paperbacks and KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) published the e-books. Recently KDP bought CreateSpace and made some changes to the way they publish paperbacks.

You may not have noticed. If you had any books on CreateSpace which were not very long, you got an email from them saying that you’d need to raise the price.

Since I have so many books self-published through Amazon, I definitely noticed!

Here’s a link to all of the changes. But I’ll go over the ones that you’ll want to pay attention to whether you published one book on CreateSpace or several. If you didn’t publish any books through CreateSpace this article doesn’t really apply to you and you can feel free to stop reading, unless you’d like my help self-publishing your book sometime in the future. (I have my hands full until next year.)

#1) You have to wait another month to get paid your royalties. Your only choice, if you don’t like this, is to self-publish your book somewhere that will pay you sooner than two months out.

#2) If your paperback is black and white and less than 100 pages (or color and less than 30 pages), you will need to increase the price slightly. Mine are mostly black and white. I raised the selling price on my shorter books from 5.55 to 5.67. A calculator is provided to help you figure out how much you’ll want to raise your price, but about a dime should do it.

#3) This one really ticked me off at first, but I think it will actually mean less work. Createspace had you optionally enter a bio. I worked long and hard on a bio template, then slightly modified that for each book. Well, the bio has gone away – bye-bye! Now your only opportunity to tell your readers who you are comes with Author Central. Author Central was there before, so if you were using it, all you need to do is make sure all of your books are listed and possibly update your bio there. The other option is to add an About the Author chapter inside each of your books at the end. I had not been doing that, so now I will need to. It’s really a good idea to do that. If somebody likes your book they might want to read more of them. It’s a good idea to let them know how to find your books – go to Amazon, select Books, and Google my name – Dale Stubbart. You may also be able to say a little bit about yourself on the cover of your book.

#4) Speaking of covers, CreateSpace had a really nice cover generator. That’s gone. Now you’re stuck with KDP’s cover generator which ain’t so nice. You can make it work or you can design and upload your own.

#5) This one may be really important. You’ll want to pay attention to this one as it may mean an increase in sales. Well, maybe not a big increase, but still. You should go through each of your paperbacks which were published on CreateSpace and check the distribution. More than likely you’ll find that you can select many more territories for selling your book.

The other changes might affect you, but I doubt it.