Held Tightly in her Claws


Do you ever wonder what happens while you’re asleep?

That’s a silly question. I wonder what happens while I’m awake!

Dykerk really wonders what happens while he’s asleep. For Dykerk lives his life much like you and me. But at night, he lays done in the claws of a very large winged creature. He lays down in her claws and they wrap tightly around him. They more tightly those claws wrap around him, the further he drifts off to sleep. And try as he might, Dykerk cannot wake himself up to find out what’s happening while he sleeps.

Dykerk tries to ask others where this creature goes at night. But nobody cares, so long as she goes away.

Yes, Dykerk’s life is pretty strange, sleeping in those close. But it’s what he’s used to. It’s what’s familiar to him.
Dykerk’s life is certainly strange. And it’s about to get a lot stranger because he is about to find out what happens at night while he sleeps in those claws!

Duncan Cassidy sets the stage wonderfully with the rhythm of his voice as he narrates Held Tightly in Her Claws.