The Actress

I helped my wife publish her book – The Actress on The Book Patch.

The Actress leads a well-ordered life, learning her part and doing it well. But one night strange things begin to happen with a new script and her cat flees to the ledge outside her apartment window. Her rescue attempt leads to an unexpected escapade as one inexplicable event after another unfolds. Will she find her way back to Ordinary Life or is this Real Life, after all? Only one thing is certain: All will be well … No matter what.

Once there was a baby who fell into a deep sleep and when she woke up she was someone else. Mostly she didn’t know it, but deep inside she felt lonely when there were plenty of people, and frightened when there was no danger, and lost when all was familiar. She wanted to tell grown-ups when she felt frightened and lonely and lost, but they acted like something was so wrong with her that it frightened her even more, and she quickly decided it was better to pretend that everything was OK. And so she became and actress. It was really quite fun because she enjoyed stories and plays and acting. She also liked to sing and dance, and soon she was singing and dancing and acting in plays at school. She was a great success and all her teachers encouraged her and her family was very proud of her. And so she became a famous actress, and was never lonely because she had many fans who loved her. She did not feel lost because she always studied her part very carefully and worked hard to learn it so that she did not forget her lines or songs or dances, and always knew right where she was. But sometimes she still felt frightened and wondered why …

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The Actress

Hannah Jansson


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