The Dancer

The Dancer lives to Dance. That’s what she’s all about. For her, Dancing is the answer to life. But she’s fond of two guys and is torn trying to decide between both of them.

The Director has a surprise in store for her in the next dance. He won’t say what it is. All she knows is that she will be dancing with those two guys.

She spins from one to the other and back again, faster and faster each time. At a certain point in the dance, the surprise is supposed to happen. She’s almost there when her super-fast spinning burns a hole in the dance floor and she falls into another world.

And that’s when the story gets weird.

Join the Dancer and all of her friends in this 5-part series. Available as paperbacks and e-books. Now also available as a audio books. Wonderfully narrated by Jordan Scherer.

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