The Diary of Jenie Maloy

This is the second book in my series – The Wizard without a Wand

Jenie Maloy had a magical Diary which recorded her life. Its story goes something like this. …

In this second book, the story of the first year at Wizard School is retold from a different perspective, from a girl’s perspective, from the perspective of a girl who likes boys.

Now that she had been here for a few weeks, Jenie Maloy still had reservations about attending Wizard School. She was undecided as to whether Wizard School was Utopia or Aipotu. (Aipotu is Utopia spelled backwards and is its antithesis. Aipotu is pronounced like you’re spitting something out).

Listen to Gareth Johnson wonderfully tell a bit of the story:

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Read about the first book of the series

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