The Night the Stars Went Away

The Night the Stars Went Away - Book
Hi, My name is Frank. This is my story. I’m sure there are other bottles in the stream, carrying other stories about what happened. This is what I recall. Some might say, it is my version of the truth. Will we ever know what happened? Some are certain they know, “Preaching it” as it were “from the rooftops”. Some are certain, but keep silent, for fear their truth will come out. Most of the world didn’t live all the way through those cataclysmic events. Most of us who did are content to just write our stories down, place them in bottles and toss those bottles into the stream. Like most, I’m hoping that somebody downstream will find my story. Then perhaps, all the stories will merge. All the pieces will be put together. And at last we’ll finally know what really happened. And of course there will always be those who say that nothing ever happened. That the rest of us just were dreaming or having nightmares. But, I know better. At least I think I do. This is my story of what happened, the night the stars went away.

My name of course is not Frank, it’s Dale. But Frank is the narrator in this story and he tells about the night that the stars went away. That’s right, they all left the night sky, just vamoosed. Pretty scary huh? Except nobody noticed. They were all too busy. Eventually they noticed, but not Frank. He was deep in the forest where he couldn’t have seen the stars even if they had still been there. And he wasn’t getting any news reports. After a few months, Frank emerges to a different world.

But don’t worry, I don’t write scary stories.

The Night the Stars Went Away is available on Amazon in paperback, e-book, and audio formats. Daniel Coker did a great job narrating this story for me.

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