The Rumbling in Your Heart

I know a secret!


I’ll share it with you!

There’s a rumbling in your heart. And no it’s not the pizza you had for supper last night. That might be the rumbling in your stomach, but it’s not the one in your heart. At least it’s not the one I’m talking about!

Your heart is swelling, about to burst.

Your heart wants to be free to express all the joy that is in it!

It’s true!

Sure, it’s hard to let my heart be free. Especially when I think that I’m surrounded by accusers and abusers. (Hey, it happens to the best of us.) But they’re not the reason I keep the murmurings of my heart to a low rumble. I villain is moi-même (my very own self). I through doubt, and “Stop That!”, and I short-circuit the realization that “Hey, my heart really really wants to be happy all the time!” to my brain.
I just need to relax and breathe and let that drumbeat in my heart turn into a percussion symphony. With maybe a few horns thrown in. And every time I try to stifle it, just swipe that thought away and return to enjoying what’s happening deep within my soul.

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