Unconditional Peace

In my book, Our Seven Brains, I explain how a part of our brain is already working to pull us into unconditional peace. This part of the brain is the Cerebellum. And it works every day to bring us into unconditional peace or unconditional relaxation. Our Seven Brains is available as paperback, e-book, and Jax Russell just did a great job of narrating it as an audio book.

An Excerpt:

The Cerebellum sits below the Brain and is sometimes referred to as the second Brain. The Cerebellum amalgamates information from other parts of the Brain and sends it to the body, resulting in balance, coordination, movement, and spatial orientation. The Cerebellum coordinates and integrates all the input, making sense of it. The Cerebellum sends information to the body via the nervous system.

The Cerebellum’s Method of Coherence is Unconditional Peace which it achieves by bringing everything into balance.

When we need protection, it’s time to focus on Unconditional Peace.

Take two pens. Take off the caps. Place a flat ruler on them so that it is perpendicular to the pens, with the pens about halfway down the ruler. The ruler should balance on the pens. Focus on the balance. Focus on Unconditional Peace.

(Sure you could try this with one pen, but why stress yourself? Unconditional Peace is Unconditional Relaxation, which knows no stress.)

Our Cerebellum helps us coordinate ourself and other things.

We take people on Yellow Bear Journeys (walks on the beach) to help them come into unconditional peace.

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